2020 RCASS Pre-Session

Using Design Thinking to Reimagine Opportunities for Rural Students

Are you interested in learning more about design thinking and how you might reimagine opportunities for rural learners using their stories and voices?

Join the members of the Education Design Lab in a session focused on helping you, and other members of your team learn design thinking, as well as the design process and how you might set up a design challenge at your school. Drawing from lessons learned from previous Lab projects, such as the Seamless Transfer Pathways Project (STP) and the Single Mom’s Success challenge (SMS), participants and teams will come together to identify possible opportunity spaces for change  and then work together to create a design question and a plan for moving forward. Participants will learn and use design tools, such as journey and empathy maps, persona development, and other tools that will equip them with a plan of action, as well create an early iterations of a concept or idea to “test” with others throughout the rest of the Summit.

  • Introduction to human-centered design
  • Setting up a design challenge at your school
  • Building a design team to break across silos
  • Student-centered design tools and how they can be used in daily practice
  • Administrators and practitioners

Note: We recommend that participants should attend in pairs/teams if possible AND we will provide early guidance on data to bring and build upon, as well as early identification of opportunity spaces.

Through this session, participants will learn:

  • The four-phased student-centered process and how to incorporate student voice to design and build new student-centered initiatives.
  • How to effectively build a core team and engage stakeholders across organizations, communities, and regions.
  • How to use tools such as Empathy Mapping, Journey Mapping, and Personas to gain insight on the rural learner population