Building Academic Skills

All students

All students need teachers who have the best, most up to date training that is available, but many students in our service region require an extra level of support to ensure they reach their fullest potential. In addition to supporting professional development opportunities for teachers, Partners for Education helps provide schools systems the tools needed to identify students who need tutoring or other supports. Once students have been identified, mentoring and tutoring services can be offered through the school system.

It's more than meeting the basic standard

Building academic skills is about more than helping students meet the basic standard. All students need to have challenges that will push them to achieve. Advance Placement courses are one of the ways that school systems across the country keep their best and brightest engaged. Rural school districts often lack staff with training in AP content areas. Thanks to grants like GEAR UP, teachers have the support needed to seek out and receive additional training.

Programs that support building academic skills

  • Full Service Community Schools
  • Upward Bound
  • Upward Bound Math and Science
  • Educational Talent Search
  • Smart and Secure Families
  • AmeriCorps