Berea Patrons

Two students who just joined Berea Patrons

Since the beginning of the Berea Patrons program in 2013, generous participants have demonstrated a passion for educational opportunity by supporting tuition scholarships for fellow students. This year has been a year of milestones for Berea Patrons, and we have much to celebrate.

  • The program marked its 6th anniversary,
  • On Giving Day, 177 new students made their commitment to pay it forward,
  • And with the September payroll gifts, Berea Patrons reached $100,000 in total gifts raised since the start of the program—completing the tuition funding for 33 students!

To celebrate these accomplishments, a Berea Patrons $100K Celebration is scheduled for Spring 2019. All current Patrons and students are welcome.

Paving the Way for future Bereans

Berea College must raise more than $4.7 million to complete tuition funding each year. That’s about $3,000 per student. Current Berea students are coming together to pay forward the gift of education through their own philanthropy. All donations of $5 or more between July 1st – June 30th count toward Berea Patron membership. You can join today by completing this form to give each pay period through your labor earnings.

Once a Berea Patron gives at the $50 level they are recognized as Mountaineer Club members. The Mountaineer Club recognizes students and alumni from the last 10 years that give $50 or more between July 1 and June 30. Find out more about the Mountaineer Club.

Berea Patrons is a gift club that recognizes students who support the work of Berea College through one-time gifts or through each Labor Program paycheck. Membership is renewed on an annual basis, and all gifts from July 1 to June 30 count toward membership. These gifts go to the Berea Fund, which supports everything that Berea is and does.

“Education is the greatest investment you can make in any human being; education is power, you can take anything from me, but you cannot take my education.”
-Derby Chukwudi ’19

“I give because someone, somewhere has given so I could have this opportunity. Giving, can make a difference to a future Berean.”
-Dani Graves ‘19