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BC Online Bookstore Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have an outside scholarship to cover books?

Books may be charged beginning August 1st when you buy online, which will be applied to your student account. The outside scholarship will be used to cover your book charges. If the books are more than the scholarship you will need to make arrangements with Financial Aid to cover any overage.


How do I charge books to my student account?

When you purchase books from the online Berea Bookstore, they will be charged to your student account. If you have any aid on your account to cover books, the aid will be applied and then you would need to pay the remaining amount. The beginning process of ordering books online will be somewhat different from charging books at the Bookstore, but the charges and payment part will be almost the same.


What if I have a HOLD on my student account from my prior term bill?

You will not be eligible to charge any books to your account if you have any unpaid charges on your term bill. Your student account must be less than $100 before you can charge any books to the online Berea Bookstore.


Can I buy New book, Used book, or E-books? Can I rent a book?

Yes, you have all of those options when using the online bookstore.


When does the online bookstore open?

The online bookstore opens on August 1st.


How long does shipping take? How much does it cost?

Shipping times and costs may vary. With the “Free Shipping over $49” offer, the standard delivery time through US mail is 7-12 days. THEREFORE IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU ORDER YOUR BOOKS EARLY ENOUGH TO HAVE IN TIME FOR THE START OF CLASSES. This will allow you to have your books on time for the start of classes and avoid paying “rush” shipping charges.


Can I sell my books back?

Yes, you have the option to sell your books back at the end of each semester, with more options available than you have today. Watch your email, and MyBerea for more information about how to sell your books back.

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