Academic Leadership

Academic Leadership

The Office of Academic Affairs leads the Academic Division with the Provost serving as the Chief Academic Officer and the Dean of Faculty leading Faculty Affairs. Organization and Responsibilities (see accordion below) are posted. The Division Council includes a Division Chair from each of six divisions and constitutes the Academic Leadership of the College.

Scott Steele, Provost

The Provost serves as the chief academic officer of the College, reporting directly to the President, and serves on the Administrative Committee as well as a number of other committees. The Provost leads academic affairs and student success initiatives.  The following areas reporting to the Provost: Admissions, Athletics, Farm Enterprises, Career Development and Internships, Child Development Laboratory, Office of Institutional Research and Assessment, Registrar’s Office, Student Financial Aid Services, and the Student Success and Transition Office. The Provost also serves as the College’s SACSCOC liaison.

Matt Saderholm, Dean of Faculty

The Dean of Faculty has administrative responsibility for the teaching faculty and provides leadership for the academic divisions and departments. The Dean also has responsibility for faculty workload, performance review of the teaching faculty, and for all matters pertaining to the effectiveness and well-being of the faculty. The Dean reports directly to the President and serves on the Administrative Committee, Faculty Status Council, Academic Program Council, and Division Council.

Eileen McKiernan González, Associate Provost

The Associate Provost leads General Education and oversees Hutchins Library, along with all the academic centers at the College: bell hooks center, Carter G. Woodson Center for Interracial Education, Center for Learning through Service, Center for Teaching and Learning, Francis and Louise Hutchins Center for International Education, and Loyal Jones Appalachian Center.  The Director of Convocations and the Writing Program Administrator also report to the Associate Provost.  The Associate Provost serves on a number of committees, including the Committee on General Education, Academic Program Council, and Division Council.

Rob Smith, Director of Academic Assessment

The Director of Academic Assessment leads ongoing campus-wide assessment and reporting related to continuous improvement and SACSCOC accreditation.

Amanda Leger, Curriculum and Advising Specialist

The Curriculum and Advising Specialist manages advising technologies including Navigate Berea and serves as the primary contact in Academic Affairs for student academic policy.

Shannon Montross, Executive Assistant to the Dean of Faculty

The Executive Assistant supports the Dean, including calendar management and faculty recruitment.  The Executive Assistant serves as staff support for the Faculty Status Council and Division Council.

Tiffany Lindsey, Senior Administrative Assistant to the Associate Provost

The Executive Administrative Assistant supports the Associate Provost, including calendar management. The Executive Administrative Assistant manages the student award process and serves as staff support for the Committee on General Education and the Academic Program Council.

Jim Strand, Executive Assistant for Budget Management

The Executive Assistant for Budget Management supports the Provost and the Dean, manages the budget for the Academic Division, and serves as staff support for the Educational Policies Committee, undergraduate research program, and the institutional review board. The Executive Assistant for Budget Management also works with the annual licensure with the Kentucky Council for Post-secondary Education, and annual reporting for IPEDS, EADA, CUPA and AAUP.

Sam Cole, Executive Assistant to the Provost

The Executive Assistant to the Provost supports the Provost, including calendar management. The Executive Assistant works with the Faculty Manual and also serves as staff support to the Executive Council and the General Education Modification Committee.

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