Office-Based Consultants


Name Office Area Extension
Beverly Abney Residential Life 3115
Scotty Abney Financial Affairs 3082
Robin Adams GEAR UP 2185
Johnna Allen Frost Building 3939
Becky Berheide Facilities Management 3864
Malissa Blair Business and Adminsitration 3131
Jeanette Davidson Music Building 3466
Phyllis Gabbard Draper Building 3263
Becky Grandgeorge Economics and Business 3928
Alice Hooker Science Building 3351
Teresa Jefferson Nursing 3131
Sue Johns College Relations 3013
Laura Magner Seabury Center 3431
Karen Nall Campus Christian Center 3134
Amanda Ott Conference Services 3641
Sarah Paulson Agriculture and Natural Resources 3591
Debbie Payne Seabury Center 3428
Lisa Rosenbarker Education Studies 3072
Sharon D. Stillwagoner Physical Education and Health 3431
Jim Strand Academic Vice President & Provost Office 3486
Chris Thomas Academic Services 3309
Sandy Wells Technology & Industrial Arts Building 3033
Connie Williams Child and Family Studies / Child Development Lab 3523

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