Seabury Award for Excellence in Teaching

The Seabury Award for Excellence in Teaching has been awarded since 1961. This award is the highest honor a faculty member can receive from the College. The Seabury Award for Excellence in Teaching is given at Commencement each year to a member of the College Faculty with an exemplary teaching record usually over a number of years. The recognition takes the form of a plaque and a cash award made possible through the generosity of the Charles Ward Seabury family. The recipient of the award is chosen each year by a committee comprised of the last six recipients of the award and the two students who receive the Wood Achievement Awards that year.

Each spring the Seabury Award Committee invites students and faculty to nominate persons to receive this recognition. Nominations explain why the nominee would be a worthy recipient, with attention given to such considerations as:

  • One’s enthusiasm for the subject and capacity to stimulate students’ interest in that subject;
  • One’s effectiveness in helping students move toward greater intellectual and personal maturity;
  • One’s engagement in scholarly and creative activities, or in cross-disciplinary study;
  • One’s willingness to be involved, socially and intellectually, with students outside the classroom and in College activities.


Emily Ann Smith 1961 Ralph L. Thompson 1993
William Gordon Ross 1961 Eugene T. Chao 1994
Dorothy Weeden Tredennick 1962 John E. Courter 1995
Gerrit Levey 1962 Paul David Nelson 1996
Marian Kingman 1963 L. Eugene Startzman 1997
Robert Gordon Menefee 1963 Donald Hudson 1998
Charlotte P. Ludlum 1964 Dorothy Hopkins Schnare 1999
William E. Newbolt 1964 Tom A. Boyd 2000
Virginia Ruth Woods 1965 Richard D. Sears 2001
George Gilbert Roberts 1965 Laura A. Crawford 2002
Maureen Faulkner 1966 Walter E. Hyleck 2003
Kristjan Sulev Kogerma 1966 Andrew Baskin 2004
Herschel Lester Hull 1967 Amer S. Lahamer 2005
Frank Junior Wray 1967 Dawn Anderson 2006
Jerome William Hughes 1968 Gary S. Mahoney 2007
Thomas Reed Beebe 1968 Ronald B. Rosen 2008
Louise Moore Scrivner 1969 Janice B. Blythe 2009
John Douglas Chrisman 1969 Barbara Wade 2010
Cornelius Gregory Di Teresa 1970 Robert Suder 2011
Franklin Bryan Gailey 1970 Ed McCormack 2012
Thomas McRoberts Kreider 1971 Sandy Bolster 2013
William John Schafer 1971 Kathryn Akural 2014
Robert Jerry Lewis 1972 Jill Bouma 2015
Stephen Scott Boyce 1972 Kathy Bullock 2016
Thomas David Strickler 1973 Michael Berheide 2017
Martha Wylie Pride 1974 Megan Hoffman 2018
Glen H. Stassen 1975 Robert Hoag 2019
John Fletcher White 1976 Sarah A. Blank 2020
Mary Louise Pross 1977 Fred deRosset 2021
Robert Ward Pearson 1978
John Seelye Bolin 1979
Dennis Michael Rivage-Seul 1980
Jonas Patterson Shugars 1981
Philip Schmidt 1982
Larry K. Blair 1983
Richard Barnes 1984
Marlene Waller 1985
Smith T. Powell 1986
John Wallhausser 1987
Stephen C. Bolster 1988
Robert J. Schneider 1989
Ralph Stinebrickner 1990
Jeanne M. Hoch 1991
Dean Warren Lambert 1992