Paul C. Hager Excellence in Advising Award

The Paul C. Hager Excellence in Advising Award has been awarded since 1993. The award recognizes one member of the College Faculty each year for their outstanding contribution to student’s lives through excellence in advising.

Each spring members of the College/General Faculties and the student body are asked to nominate advisers for the Paul C. Hager Excellence in Advising Award. A selection committee consisting of the past three winners of the award and the Provost select a recipient from the confidential nominations. The recipient is announced at Commencement and receives a plaque and a cash award.

The criteria for the award are as follows:

  • Encourages students to assume active roles in planning their academic programs and assists them in identifying the means to reach their goals;
  • Is a good listener who devotes adequate time to advising students;
  • Expresses interest in and respect for students;
  • Keeps regular office hours and is available at those scheduled times;
  • Keeps up to date on changes in academic regulations and provides students with accurate information;
  • Refers students to other sources when not sure about particular issues.

1993    Jim Gage (1st recipient of the Adviser of the Year Award)

1994    Oliver Keels

1995    Dorothy Schnare

1996    Carolyn Orr

1997    Paul C. Hager (Award renamed)

1998    Martie Kazura

1999    Megan Hoffman

2000    Meighan Sharp

2001    Donald Hudson

2002    Barbara Wade

2003    Dawn Anderson

2004    Janice Bylthe

2005    Trish Isaacs

2006    Michael Panciera

2007    David B. Porter

2008    Ralph Thompson

2009    Ed McCormack & Katrina Rivers Thompson

2010    Frederick G. de Rosset

2011    Billy Wooten

2012    Wayne Tolliver

2013    Paul Smithson

2014    Rob Foster

2015    Mary Robert Garrett

2016    Andrew Baskin

2017    Sarah Blank

2018    Sandy Williams

2019    Chris Green

2020    Lisa Kriner

2021    Kennaria Brown