Fall 2021 Faculty Colloquium Information

A Series to Spotlight and Share Scholarship and Creative Work

The Office of Academic Affairs and the Center for Teaching and Learning are pleased to announce the revitalization of a forum for highlighting faculty scholarship and creative work.  Colleagues are invited to attend one, two, or all three sessions, which have been designed to foster community as well as to feature faculty work.  To accommodate varying needs and schedules, the sessions will take place on different times and days, and the format for presentations will vary as well, sometimes showcasing finished work, other times inviting more informal dialogue around work-in-process.

Location: Boone Tavern Event Center. Time: 4:00-5:30 PM*

This inaugural colloquium will feature the scholarship of a relatively new Berea faculty member, Dr. Jones, and a senior faculty member, Dr. Ron Rosen, to highlight the vibrant work going on at Berea across the career span.

  • Jasmine Jones, Computer Science
  • Ron Rosen, Biology

*Cash bar; complimentary appetizers available throughout

Location: Boone Tavern Event Center. Time: 4:00-5:30 PM*

The session is designed to support energetic dialogue about scholarship and creative work among colleagues in a structured, yet informal way.  Presenters will each host a table, and attendees will have three opportunities to choose to join a one of the six. The scholarship shared from across the disciplines represents recent work or work-in-progress and will be loosely linked by a theme: the natural world and how humans engage with it.

  • Broughton Anderson, Archeology/Art
  • Anne Bruder, English
  • Silas House, Appalachian Studies and Creative Writing
  • Mary Parr, Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Roy Scudder-Davis, Biology
  • Louisa Summers, Health and Human Performance

*Cash bar; complimentary appetizers available throughout

Location: Anna Hutchins Room in Dining Services. Time: lunch meeting 11:30 AM -1:00 PM

This lunch presentation combine a brief research overview and the performance of related ballads.

  • Liza DiSavino, Music