Academic Leadership

We are here to support you! Learn more about staff and administrators working in the Office of Academic Affairs and recent events in our office. This webpage also includes information about the structure of Berea in the academic division and academic leadership on-campus.

Office of Academic Affairs Staff: A listing of staff members and administrators housed in the Office of Academic Affairs.

Office of Academic Affairs Events Gallery: Come see what the Office of Academic Affairs has been up to, lately.

21-22 List of Chairs, Directors, and Administrative Support: List of chairs, directors, and administrative support for all academic departments and divisions. For more information contact Susan Vaughn.

Berea College Institutional Organization Chart: An organizational chart that details the entire institution. For more information, contact Sam Cole.

Berea College Organizational Structure: This webpage details each division and which department is housed in each division.

Coming soon! Learn more about the Division Council, composed of Academic Division Chairs.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Webpage: Learn more about Berea’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, both yesterday and today. For more information, please contact Beth Taylor.