2012-2013 Scholarships and Awards

Edd C. Hogg Memorial Scholarship
Awarded annually to second-term juniors majoring in Nursing or Agriculture & Natural Sciences who have demonstrated Christian faith, economic need, and academic Achievement.

Recipient:     Laura Ashley Short, Nursing Major

Martha E. Wyle Award
Awarded annually to a junior nursing student to recognize superior achievement in nursing.

Recipient:     Mariam Pourhedarian, Nursing Major
Brandy Vaughn Woodall, Nursing Major

Julie Braden Thompson Award
Awarded to a nursing or pre-medical student who has achieved an outstanding academic record, manifests professional promise and who exemplifies excellent moral character.

Recipient:     Erin McDonald, Nursing Major

Margaret G. Rogers Nursing Award
Awarded annually to a nursing student who has demonstrated excellence in labor.

Recipient:     Mandalynne Pearce, Nursing Major

W. H. & Mabel Simmons Dean Scholarship
Awarded annually to a sophomore student planning a career in the health sciences.

Recipient:     Mikheil Matcharadze, Nursing Major

Nursing Departmental Award:

Recipient:    Jenna Rufer, Nursing Major
Brandy Woodall, Nursing Major

Carlisle Keller MacDonald Scholarship for Study Abroad

Recipient:     Natallie Branham, Nursing Major
Nicholas Cress, Nursing Major
Jessica Renner, Nursing Major
Alison York, Nursing Major

Doris and Harold Rosenbaum Scholarship

Recipient:     Nahkitta Hubbard

John B. Stephenson Scholarship Fund:  Non-Western Study Program

Recipient:     Alison York, Nursing Major

Raymond B. Drukker Memorial Award for Library Science

Recipient:     Emmy Toroitich, Nursing Major

Mortar Board

Recipient:     Lara Zavalza-Neeson, Nursing Major
Betsy Crabtree, Nursing Major
Luwam Okbazion, Nursing Major

Phi Kappa Phi

Recipient:     Natallie Branham