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The Berea College Nursing Program maintains a selection of links to other websites related to Medicine and Nursing. These links are mainly provided so that students have a immediate access to a wide range of sources for their classes. We are pleased, however, to also provide this collection of resources to the public to assist with any research that may be conducted.

Nursing Student Handbook

Berea College Nursing Student Resource List

Nursing Organizations

Community Organizations and Alternative/Complementary Therapies

Cancer/Death and Dying

Cadiovascular and Hemotologic Problems

Diabetes Mellitus


Eye and Ear Problems

Gastrointestinal Problems

Immonological Problems/Infection Control and Prevention

Musculoskeletal Problems

NCLEX-RN test prep materials

Neurological Problems and Rehabilitation

Reproductive Health Problems

Respiratory Problems

Urinary and Renal Problems

Miscellaneous Problems

Nursing Research/Public Health

Women’s Health

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