Dr. Monica Kennison – Publications/Research/Grants


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Selected Research

Kennison, M., Lamb, C., Turner, L., Ponder, J., Robillard, M., Gurtatowski, J., Reimondo, S., Messer, W., & Anderson, D. (2017). Expressive writing among healthy College students: A self-help strategy to improve quality of life. Berea College

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Selected Grants


Kennison, M. Project Director, Health Resources and Services Administration, Nursing Workforce Diversity, CCAC, 2010-2011.


Kennison, M. Project Director, CCAC, Highmark Grant, 2010-2011.


Kennison, M. Project Director, Nursing Expansion at CCAC North Campus, US Dept of Education Altmire-Peterson Grant, 2009-2011.


Kennison, M. Project Director, CCAC RN Achievement Grant, Health Resources and Services Administration, Nursing Workforce Diversity Grant, 2009 -2011.