Off-Campus Non-Trads

Off-campus housing is an option uniquely available to most non-traditional Berea College students.

There are some unique qualities about Off-Campus life that students might keep in mind:

  • Living off campus is both a privilege and a part of our adult responsibility.
  • The off-campus lifestyle is not an excuse for distraction, which will be a detriment to academics or labor of ourselves or any academic peer or neighbor.

Take a look at the links below for support, and resources:

As a non-traditional  student you probably have lived independently. Here are some ways to experience community while living off-campus:

  • Frost Cottage  is like a comforting home away from home. Non-traditional students can cook for themselves or make tea or coffee, build community, and study in a peaceful and productive environment.
  • The Ecovillage offers a Thursday luncheon during the Fall and Spring for all non-traditional students, offering an alternative to the Dining Hall, and a chance to catch up.
  • The Non-Traditional Student Association (NTSA) offer regular non-traditional events, go to Non-Trad Events. Also check out Collegiate Link for the option to customize your event notifications and to receive notice of Non Traditional events.
  • Last, watch out for emails from Feel free to email any ideas you have for events, talks, or initiatives, as well as any concerns.