NTSA Officers

President: One of the most active Non Traditional faces on the campus. Presides over all NTSA meetings, listens to and accepts requests from students, faculty, and administrators, encourages a wide variety of students to participate, speaks with Non Traditional students on a regular basis.

 Vice President: Works hand in hand with the president, encourages student participation, and assures NTSA compliance with college policies and procedures.

Secretary: Keeps minutes at NTSA meetings, conducts correspondences (flyers/emails/polls/Facebook) as may be needed.

Treasurer: Organizes and maintains financial transactions and ledger entries, executes and directs all financial policies, programs, and reimbursements for the NTSA.

Community Organizer: Represents the initiatives and events to the Non Traditional students on behalf of the NTSA. Helps with advertising and recruitment for participation, as well as polling for student interests and needs.

SGA Representative/Senator-at-Large: Represents the majority opinion of the NTSA and serve as a liaison between SGA and NTSA, keeps student government informed of the actions and policies of the NTSA.