NTSA History

History of NTSA

The “restart” of the Non-Traditional Student Association was initiated in spring of 2010 by Florence Anyabuonwu and Elizabeth Vega.  In May of 2010 elections were held: Anaybunonwu was elected President; Vega, vice-president; Melissa Benson, secretary; Sarah Firebaugh, treasurer; and Catherine Beechie, SGA student representative. Over the course of the summer the officers laid the groundwork for the organization including writing the constitution.

By fall of 2010 the organization sent out a survey to identify the needs of non-traditional students at Berea College.  It became clear very quickly that these students needed a central location to congregate, study, cook, do laundry and even nap between classes since many of them resided off campus. With the help of their adviser Virgil Burnside, the officers worked to carve out such a space. Burnside secured Frost Cottage for the association and the new Non-Traditional Student Center was a reality.

Between 2011 and 2012, the NTSA had an active presence on campus through potlucks, fundraisers and family events.  The association has continued to build the foundations of community through advocacy for students at the administrative level, as well as, gathering and providing informational resources to support non-traditional student both on and off campus.