Labor Positions

Do you want to make a difference? Come work for the NTSP!

The NTSP currently has one labor position within our department. We have a student labor position for a secondary Facilities Assistant position.

To learn more about this position and see if we have openings, please contact the NTSP Associate, Breanna Lawson, at

We also typically hire yearly for our NTSP Manager position. The NTSP Manager position has been filled for the 2020-2021 year, and we are very excited to announce our new team member soon!

For those interested in learning more about the NTSP Manager position for the future, a brief position description for NTSP Manager is provided below for your convenience.

Non-Traditional Student Program Manager


Position:          Non-Traditional Student Program Manager

Department:    Student Life – Leadership

WLS Level:    5

Position Description:

  1. Coordinator of Resources: Collect, develop and distribute information about college and community resources and services; update and maintain all information so it remains current and relevant; advertise events using a variety of media and print outlets; coordinate and schedule programs for non-traditional students on campus (educational, service, cultural, etc.); collaborate with other student life groups to serve non-traditional students during their events; assess the needs and services for non-traditional students.
  2. Facility Operations: Coordinate the activities and use of the Non-Traditional Student Center; order and stock cleaning supplies; assist with developing green initiatives within the gathering place; coordinate with the Facilities Assistant in establishing a plan for maintaining cleanliness; perform light cleaning duties; assist Facilities Management and Student Life in identifying repairs and maintenance needs of the building.
  3. Peer Advisor: Work with the Non-Traditional Student Association (NTSA) Officers; attend NTSA meetings, assist with identifying funds for programming; serve as the primary campus contact for Non-Traditional Student Center activities.
  4. Orientation/Administrative Liaison: Work with the Orientation Committee and others to develop and deliver orientation events specific to non-traditional students; Coordinate services between various offices, and provide pre-enrollment information about campus and community services to such students; Assist the Coordinator of the First-Year Experience in developing pre-enrollment services and distributing information to incoming non-traditional students.


The Department of Student Life is currently seeking a student to fulfill the Non-Traditional Program Manager position at the Non-Traditional Student Center for 15-20 hours per week. This person will work closely with the Non-Traditional Student Program Associate to develop and implement programs and procedures that benefit non-traditional students. Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to: maintaining office hours, answering emails/ phone calls, submitting work orders, supporting the Non-Traditional Student Association as a resource, keeping track of building usage, and assisting the Non-Traditional Student Program Associate with various programming needs. Preferred: Knowledge or experience of issues associated with this specific college population; excellent organizational and communication skills; ability to think outside the box and take initiative; some programming or coordinating work experience. Required: Student must be and remain in good academic standing.