Non-Traditional Student Center (NTSC)

Welcome to The Non-Traditional Student Center!

The NTSC is a home away from home for non-traditional students on the Berea College campus. The NTSC is located at 223 Prospect Street, just past Deep Green Hall. Here non-traditional students can enjoy the living room, kitchen, kid’s room, multiple study rooms, and access to a washer and dryer.


What can you do at the NTSC?

  • Cook meals in the kitchen
  • Store snacks and other food in the pantry
  • Use one of the many study rooms for private or group use
  • Let children enjoy the playroom full of toys
  • Visit as a private place to get out of the weather or spend some quiet time when you are on campus
  • Read books for pleasure or education
  • Enjoy the collection of children’s books
  • Nap or relax on the cozy chairs and sofas
  • Do laundry in the free washer and dryer
  • Reserve space for events, meetings, or birthday parties
  • Enjoy use of the showers
  • Use anywhere as a safe and private place to breastfeed
  • Change your baby’s diaper on the changing station
  • Attend one of the free events frequently hosted by the Non-Traditional Student Program. Check Facebook for upcoming events
  • Meet other non-traditional students