Student Health Services

White House Clinic

Student Location:

Berea Primary Care

St. Joseph Hospital

305 Estill Street, Berea, Kentucky

Phone: 859.985.1415


Family/Other Location:

104 Legacy Drive

Berea, Kentucky

Phone: 859.986.2323


Covered Health Services:

  • There will be no charge for these services.
    Students with a spouse and dependents should check that they receive family coverage.
  • Acute Illness (Strep Throat, Flu, etc.)
  • Preventative Health Care
  • Minor Injuries
  • Management of Chronic Conditions (Diabetes, Asthma, etc.)
  • Free Flu Shots ( Watch for Email)

Additional Health Services:

  • Charged at additional cost 
  • International Vaccination
  • Dental Care (Available at Berea, Irvine, McKee, Richmond)

Associated Fees:

  • $52 per term is charged to your student account.
  • Dental Co-pay fees range between $30, $45, and $60.

Other White House Clinic Locations:


104 Legacy Drive

Berea, Kentucky

859 986.2323

*Pediatrician, Dental and Pharmaceutical Care



401 Highland Park Drive



Paint Lick

11652 Highway 52 East



Mount Vernon

116 Progress Drive.



1010 Main Street South




30 Stacy Lane



Madison County Health Department

1001 Ace Drive, Berea, KY 40403


WIC benefits, Adult and Child Immunizations, Family Planning, STD tests and treatment.

Saint Joseph Berea

305 Estill Street, Berea, KY 40403



This is for informational purposes only; this is not an endorsement of the hospital or the clinics. Payment is income based at these facilities and information is on their website.