Check List for Non-Trad Students

Listed below are a few items to keep in mind as you prepare for your move to Berea:

For all Non Traditional students:

  • If you have specific questions, call or email
    Jodi Ruth
    Non-Traditional Student Program Manager
  • Rachel Hutchins
    CTL / NTS Program Assistant
    Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Fill out and send your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).
  • Return your health forms and immunization records to Student Health Services.
  • Spend a day or two exploring the town of Berea.
  • Begin saving money to pay deposits for rent, utilities, etc. (Ecovillage apartments‐ no apartment  deposit; utilities ‐ $240 deposit for electric/water; $50 deposit for gas stoves (if applicable).

Berea Municipal Utilities
200 Harrison Road

Delta Gas 
129 Glades Road

  • Finalize your housing plans.
  • Think through and plan your move. You have a lot to remember. It’s easier to plan ahead than to send for things later.
  • Contact your admissions counselor to notify them of your Berea address (if living somewhere besides the Ecovillage).
  • Don’t forget to put in a “Change of Address” with your Post Office.
  • If you have a vehicle, obtain a parking decal from Public Safety, Woods Penn Building, prior to the start of classes.

For students who are single parents or are married:

The Ecovillage provides on‐campus housing for you and your family.

  • Contact Elaine Adams, if you have not received Ecovillage information and an application.
  • Return your application to Elaine Adams,
    CPO 1732,
    Berea, KY 40404.
  • You should plan to look for off‐campus housing if there is no vacancy in the Ecovillage.
    • Contact Student Financial Aid Services for assistance with your budget. 859-985‐3310.  Be sure that Financial Aid bases your budget on your family size and apartment living expenses.
  • Prepare to have your primary medical provider transfer medical records.
  • Set up an appointment at Community Based Services in Richmond to apply for social services. 859-623‐1310 (Food stamps, medical card [parents only], Kentucky Temporary Assistance Program (KTAP)*).
    • *KTAP: For single parents
    • Receive monthly monetary assistance
    • Required to work 20 hours a week to receive assistance
    • College (classes, study time, labs, etc.) can count toward 20 hour labor requirement for up to 12 months.
  • Once you have moved into your new residence in Berea, you are then eligible to apply for HUD (Section 8) housing. You can obtain an application from
  • Elaine Adams
    859-985‐3179 or by calling the
  • HUD Office

For students with children:

  • Return your Campus Child Care application as soon as possible.Child Development Laboratory
  • You may need to apply at other child care facilities also.
  • Plan to move to Berea two to three weeks before classes begin. If your children are preschool age, check to see when their classes begin. This

Berea Community Schools

Madison County Schools

  • If your child is three or younger, arrange to apply for or transfer WIC benefits.

Madison County Health Department

  • Set up an appointment at the to apply for child care benefits.Child Care Council of Kentucky
  • NOTE: If you do receive KTAP assistance, you do not have to apply directly with Child Care Council, as your Community Based Services case manager will submit your application for you.