A Special Christmas Message from President Lyle Roelofs and First Lady Laurie Roelofs

Black Music Ensemble - Christmas Concert 2016

Black Music Ensemble – Christmas Concert 2016

From our family to yours,
May your Christmas and New Year be blessed and filled with rejoicing.

As we celebrate Christmas, we’re reminded that the message of Jesus Christ, whose birth we celebrate at this season, is the message of Berea College, too. Jesus showed the world that love can triumph over hate, that peace can be achieved through justice, and that all of us are equal in the eyes of God. And nowhere is our mission captured better than in the diversity of our musical ensembles.

The wide variety of ensembles at Berea College allow students to master many musical styles. Whether music majors or not (60 percent of the students performing are not majors) all achieve an impressive standard of excellence.

On Saturday, December 24, 2016 you will have the chance to see for yourselves the incredible talents of Berea College when your local CBS-Television affiliate broadcasts Listen! A Musical Celebration of Christmas.

  • 11:35 pm Eastern
  • 10:35pm Central
  • 10:35pm Mountain
  • 11:35pm Pacific

The musical celebration will feature a wide range of our students and their faculty directors presenting the message of this special season through a broad range of musical styles. This year’s concert was also co-sponsored by the Berea College Music Program and the Willis D. Weatherford Campus Christian Center.

The concert also will feature members of our Campus Christian Center presenting passages from Berea’s newly acquired copy of the St. John’s Bible, the first hand written and illuminated Bible published since the end of the 15th century and the invention of the modern printing press.

Below you will enjoy seeing images from this year’s Christmas concerts that highlight why Berea College was selected among thousands to be a part of families’ celebrations across the nation.

Concert Choir

Concert Choir


Bluegrass Ensemble

Bluegrass Ensemble

Folk Roots Ensemble

Folk Roots Ensemble


Women's Chorus

Women’s Chorus

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