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WHAT: Kentucky premiere of documentary film Blood On The Mountain

WHEN: Wednesday, March 2, 2016. Film starts at 7:00 p.m. (run-time: 93 minutes), discussion panel follows screening 

WHERE: Phelps Stokes Auditorium, Berea College 

Hosted by: Loyal Jones Appalachian Center, Berea College

Sponsored by: AFL-CIO, Appalachian Voices, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth (KFTC), the Loyal Jones Appalachian Center and the Cumberland Chapter of the Sierra Club


  • Nick Clooney, Moderator
  • Teri Blanton, Environmental Activist, Madison County KFTC Member
  • Mari-Lynn Evans, Film Director and Producer
  • Chris Green, Director, Loyal Jones Appalachian Center
  • Silas House, Author Coal Tattoo, Something’s Rising and ed. Coal Country
  • Loyal Jones, retired Director of Berea’s Loyal Jones Appalachian Center
  • Nick Mullins, blogger The Thoughtful Coal Miner

 Kentucky Premiere of “Blood On The Mountain”


Mari-Lynn Evans, Director of Blood on the Mountain, 330-289-4514

Dr. Chris Green, Director, Loyal Jones Appalachian Center, Berea College,, 859-985-3727 


The Loyal Jones Appalachian Center will host the Kentucky Premiere of “Blood On The Mountain” at the Berea College Phelps Stokes Auditorium in Berea at 7:00 p.m., followed by a panel discussion. This event celebrates the release of the extraordinary new documentary feature film from Evening Star Productions, which also made “Coal Country” and “The Appalachians.”

“Blood On The Mountain” investigates the economic and environmental injustices that have resulted from corporate control in West Virginia and its ripple effect on American workers.

The documentary presents a striking portrait of a fractured population, exploited and besieged by corporate interests and abandoned by the powers elected to represent them.

“Blood On The Mountain” arrives at a critical moment in history, when coal reserves and jobs are in decline and state and federal policymakers are deciding the fate of this region, tasked with charting the way forward to a sustainable economic future.

The film details the struggles of a hard-working people, who have historically faced limited choices and have never benefited fairly from the rich, natural resources of their land.

“Blood On The Mountain” serves as a bridge that fosters collaboration on a grand scale between many working partners fighting for the rights of Appalachians, the protection of natural resources, the environment and all American workers.

“Blood on the Mountain” is directed by Mari-Lynn Evans and Jordan Freeman, produced by Deborah Wallace, Mari-Lynn Evans and Jordan Freeman, and edited by Matthew Sanchez. 

Panelist include Teri Blanton (environmental activist), Nick Clooney (Emcee), Mari-Lynn Evans (film director and producer), Chris Green (director, Loyal Jones Appalachian Center), Silas House (author of Coal Tattoo, Something’s Rising and Coal Country), Loyal Jones (retired director of Berea’s Loyal Jones Appalachian Center), and Nick Mullins (blogger, The Thoughtful Coal Miner).

The screening is sponsored by the American Federation of Labor – Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), Appalachian Voices, the Loyal Jones Appalachian Center at Berea College, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth and the Sierra Club.

The AFL-CIO is the nation’s largest federation of union labor, representing over 12 million working men and women within 56 unions.

Appalachian Voices, based in Boone, North Carolina, is a grassroots organization dedicated to environmental preservation in Appalachia and promotes economic diversification, public outreach on environmental issues and environmental legislation.

Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, a grassroots organization of 10,000 members across Kentucky, works on a broad range of issues, including coal and water, new energy and transition, economic justice and voting rights.

The Loyal Jones Appalachian Center, an extension of Berea College regional outreach, works to preserve Appalachia’s history and culture while serving the region through education and community development.

The Sierra Club is the nation’s largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization.  The Cumberland Chapter of the Sierra Club was founded in 1968, encompasses the entire Commonwealth of Kentucky, comprises six active groups and has 5,000 members.

Moutain top removal in Appalachia

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