MONEY Ranks Berea College #1 in Affordability

MONEY Magazine lists Berea College as the country’s most affordable liberal arts college. The No. 1 ranking puts Berea at the top of 50 high-quality private schools that scored well for affordability. The schools on MONEY’s list are judged as providing a great education at an affordable price that helps students launch promising careers.

Berea College puts a high-quality education within reach for those who cannot pay for it. Berea’s no-tuition policy for every student, a work program that hires every student to help them earn money for other expenses, plus a generous financial aid package (if needed) combine to make Berea the most affordable liberal arts college in the nation.

MONEY considered a variety of factors to compile its list, including:

  • Screening out schools with enrollments less than 500, graduation rates below the median, and institutions facing financial difficulties.
  • Ranking factors in three equally weighted categories: educational quality, affordability and alumni earnings from
  • Special value that considered how well students at each school did compared with what would be expected given their economic and academic backgrounds.
  • Affordability including items such as the amount of financial aid received, level of parent and student borrowing, and the length of time to graduate.

MONEY editors said, “Thanks to generous aid packages or lower-than-average tuition—or a combination of the two—the total cost of a four-year education at one of these Most Affordable Private Colleges is typically the lowest you’ll pay at any private school on MONEY‘s Best Colleges list.”

For Berea, additional aid comes from generous donors who support the College’s mission of investing in lives of great promise.

Berea’s students agree with MONEY’s No. 1 ranking for their College according to quotes that accompanied the article:

“Graduating debt-free is no joke, and leaves you with unlimited options.”

“Out of all the schools I read about and visited, only Berea College made me feel as though not only my education but my personal well-being also mattered to them.”

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Berea College, the first interracial and coeducational college in the South, focuses on learning, labor and service. The College only admits academically promising students with limited financial resources—primarily from Kentucky and Appalachia—but welcomes students from 41 states and 76 countries. Every Berea student receives a Tuition Promise Scholarship, which means no Berea student pays for tuition. Berea is one of nine federally recognized Work Colleges, so students work 10 hours or more weekly to earn money for books, housing and meals. The College’s motto, “God has made of one blood all peoples of the earth,” speaks to its inclusive Christian character.