Carol Browner Presents a Devastating Truth

Carol Browner, currently the Senior Presidential Advisor of Energy and Climate Change in the Obama Administration, recently enlightened the students at Berea College of a startling message—the time for change is now. In light of recent global catastrophes such as the oil spill in the Gulf Coast, ice shelves in the arctic collapsing and unprecedented weather changes, the students at Berea College were more inclined to listen to Browner’s call for action.

Browner has been more than preemptive in finding reliable and environmental-safe ways to keep our nation afloat in this time of economical turmoil. As the longest serving administrator in the history of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Browner has set up organizations that provide clean water, fresh air and safe food to the American people. “The future is constantly changing because of our dependence on fossil fuels. That needs to end,” answered Browner when addressing a student’s concern for our economy.

This convocation was co-sponsored with the Women’s Studies program and gave an inside look into the life of one woman who continues to climb steep ladders in order to find a solution for the future, children and our planet as a whole. Because Browner is a mother herself, her commitment to finding more fuel efficient ways of transportation to cut down on toxins in our atmosphere led to her receiving the Mother of the Year award from the National Mother’s Day Committee and the Lifetime Environmental Achievement Award from the New York State Bar Association.

After such a powerful and engaging speech, one can be certain that the students at Berea College are busy coming up with even more ways to be resourceful and mindful of their car, water and recycling usage. Berea’s hope of ongoing environmental sustainability will continue to play its part in a fully viable community and ultimately, a more sustainable world.

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