Berea College Promise Neighborhood: a New Video

Promise Neighborhood across the nation is working to achieve better results for children and families in their communities through the development of a continuum of solutions, also known as a cradle-to-career pipeline. These pipelines are intended to seamlessly link effective programs, services and supports to help achieve a set of 10 results by making improvements on 15 associated indicators that span the lives of young people. The U.S. Department of Education administers the Promise Neighborhood program.

Berea College was awarded one of five national Promise Neighborhood grants in December 2011. The College also holds the distinction of being the first grantee to serve a rural area. Modeled after the Harlem Children’s Zone, Berea College’s Promise Neighborhood provides deep community support for youth. Working to ensure success for young people “from the cradle to the career,” Promise Neighborhood staff deliver services to children and help to strengthen support structures, both in the community and at home.

The Berea College Promise Neighborhood includes Clay County, Jackson County and Owsley County in eastern Kentucky (located southeast of Berea).

In order to help illustrate the cradle-to-career approach, the U.S. Department of Education and the Center for the Study of Social Policy, one of several technical assistance providers for the program, developed a series of videos titled “Pipeline Profiles.” This series is made up of three videos that highlight how three Promise Neighborhoods are building three different pieces of their continuum of solutions:

    Part 1 – A Look at Early Childhood (Berea College Promise Neighborhood – Berea, KY)

    Part 2 – A Look at K-12 (East Lubbock Promise Neighborhood – East Lubbock, TX)

    Part 3 – A Look at College & Career (Chula Vista Promise Neighborhood – Chula Vista, CA)

While each video highlights selected elements of just one part of a given Promise Neighborhood’s pipeline, taken as a whole, the series offers a glimpse into what it takes to support children from cradle-to-career in diverse communities across the United States.

The video profile highlights some of the work that the Berea College Promise Neighborhood is doing to create a strong early childhood segment of its cradle-to-career pipeline.

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