Music Production

Lessons in Music Composition are taught by Professor Javier Clavere, Chair of the Music Department.
Lessons range from a 30 minute 0.25 credit lesson to a 1 hour 0.5 credit lesson

What You Will Learn

  • Compose and produce original and remix music with electronic technologies.
  • Utilize technologies for audio flow and recording mixing techniques in real-live applications.
  • Produce original music and sound designs for film, video games, or video projects.
  • Become proficient in a variety of Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) as well as sound designs, and core audio applications.

A Few Examples of Where You Can Go From Berea

  • Internships in recording and production
  • Recording studio engineering
  • Event production and sound support
  • Live sound support and production
  • Music production and design
  • Songwriting, arranging, composition, commercial music, etc.
  • Audio engineering

Possibilities for Professional Work Experience

  • Ensembles
  • Recordings
  • Live Production and concert support
  • Event production and sound engineering