Music Program

Faculty and Staff

Stephen Bolster, Coordinator of Music Program, Professor of Music

Tripp Bratton, Lecturer in Applied Music, percussion

Kathy Bullock, Professor of Music, Director of the Black Music Ensemble (BME)

Mark Calkins, Director of Music, Assistant Professor of Music, voice

Javier Clavere, Assistant Professor of Music Theory and Applied Piano, College Organist and Carillonneur

Lindsay Clavere, Instructor, Faculty Pianist & Assistant Choir Director

Jeanette Davidson, Secretary/Building Manager

Elizabeth DiSavino, Assistant Professor of Music and Music Education

Suna Gunther, Lecturer in Applied Music, voice

Angela Hammond, Assistant Professor of Musicology and Woodwinds

John Hedger, Lecturer in Applied Music, guitar

Dwana Stevens, Lecturer in Applied Music, flute

Adria Sutherland, Lecturer in Applied Music, clarinet

Matthew Talbert, Assistant Professor of Instrumental Music and Music Education

Al White, Lecturer in Applied Music

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