Applied Music Lessons

Individual applied music lessons are available for academic credit to all Berea College students free of charge (the $20 facilities usage fee is waived by scholarship) on a space-available basis. Although there is an attempt to serve all students who apply, priority is given to music majors and minors, to students participating in Berea College ensembles, and to students continuing applied study from a previous term.  Students may register for a half-hour lesson per week for .25 credit or for a full-hour lesson per week for .50 credit.

Applying for Private Lessons for Fall 2022

To request an Applied Lesson course for the Fall 2022 Term, please email Emily North with your name, the discipline or instrument you are interested in, your instructor preference, and whether you are requesting a 0.25 credit or .50 credit lesson. See below for a list of course offerings and instructors.

Applied Lesson Course Offerings 
Instrument  Instructor(s) 
Appalachian Instruments (Banjo, Mandolin, Fiddle, etc.) Sam Gleaves
Brass Instruments (Trumpet, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, etc.) James Dreiling
Clarinet Doug Drewek
Electronic Music Composition/Music Production Doug Drewek, Tripp Bratton
Flute Kristy Beers
French Horn Elizabeth DiSavino
Guitar (Acoustic/Classical, Electric/Rock John Hedger
Guitar (Finger-pick/Folk) Sam Gleaves
Mariachi Instruments (Mariachi Trumpet, Guitarrón, etc.) Genaro Rascon, Jr.
Organ, Carillon Madeline Rogers
Percussion Instruments Tripp Bratton
Piano (General)* Madeline Rogers, Elizabeth DiSavino
Piano (Gospel/Jazz) David Simmons
Saxophone Doug Drewek
Voice** Mark Calkins, Xiangtang Hong, EJ Stokes (Gospel and Contemporary)


*Prerequisite: MUS 100 Class Piano or permission of instructor

**Prerequisite:  MUS 103 Class Voice or permission of instructor