Frequently Asked Questions

 Want music lessons. How do I get them?
People wishing to take applied music lessons should come to Presser Hall the first week of the semester, fill out an application, and submit it. The form will be located in the main lobby of Presser. If you have any question about the application please come see the departmental staff in Room 304.

How does the faculty choose who gets applied lessons?
The faculty chooses who will receive lessons based first on the availability of the faculty, then on these criteria and order:

  1. Music Majors
  2. Music Minors
  3. People who have taken lesson before at Berea
  4. Then anyone who has applied with no experience or some experience

I am taking applied lessons but my credit is not showing up on BOND or on my transcript, what is the issue?
Due to filling over 200 applied lessons registration forms with the College registrar, the process can be slower than expected. If you have started your lessons for that semester your registration information will be processed.

How do I get to use Gray Auditorium for an event or program?
To use Gray Auditorium, you must have a submitted request approved by the Building Monitor and the Department’s Faculty. The department tries to accommodate requests but due to the high volume of departmental recitals and concerts it has become difficult to accommodate many more events.

Can anyone be in the ensembles regardless of major?
The college and the music department encourage all students to join the ensembles on campus. Most ensembles require an audition before entrance but all are encouraged to audition. Campus-wide emails are sent out about audition dates and time but they are usually the first week of the semester. About 75%-85% of people in the ensemble are NOT music majors.

What do I have to do to use a practice room?
Practice rooms are open to all students regardless of major or participation in ensembles. There are many practice rooms on floor 1B, all of which have pianos. We ask that if you are planning to practice regularly that you sign up for a time slot to use a practice room. The sign-up sheets are on the practice room door; this will guarantee the room for the amount of time you signed up for.

What events does the department sponsor each semester? 
The department sponsors all junior and senior recitals of the music majors and all ensemble concerts. On average the department has 15-20 events. A list of department events is always available on our home page (right-hand column) and inside the website.

If I am taking applied lessons, do I have to come to the Departmental and Studio Classes on Tuesday at 4pm?
All vocal studios have assigned (studio) performance class on Tuesday afternoons at 4pm. The instructor will give you a schedule at the beginning of the semester. ALL applied lesson students are required to attend three departmental classes. These are held once a month during each semester. You will receive an email with more information about these classes once you have registered for applied lessons.

Do I need to purchase tickets for the department’s events?
All events are Free to the student body and the general community. Some years the Christmas Concert has required free tickets because of demand and the limited seating in Union Church.

Are there quiet places for students to study in Presser Hall?
In Presser Hall there are two quiet places for students to study. The first is in the student lounge on floor 1B and the other is across from the theory lab on Floor 2.

If your question hasn’t been answered within our FAQ, don’t hesitate to email us.