Mountaineer Club

The Mountaineer Club recognizes students and young alumni who have graduated within the last 10 years and give at least $50 between July 1 and June 30.

Help future Berea students receive the same educational opportunity you received!

Around $5 a month is all it takes!


Natural Sciences and Health Building to Come!

The Margaret A. Cargill Natural Sciences and Health Building, will house Division I, which includes the biology, chemistry, mathematics, nursing and physics departments.


Student Philanthropy

Inspired by the support of alumni like you, students now have the opportunity to become a Berea Patron and give back to Berea with a one-time gift or recurring gifts through every Labor Program pay check.


Nobody knew the junior class president was homeless.

Students have unlimited opportunities to turn their educational dreams into reality thanks to the support of Mountaineer Club members. Read Shanita’s inspirational story.

Our Members

Giving Levels
Monthly Giving
One-Time Giving or Total Giving
Quad Level
Ridge Level
Pinnacle Level
Pinnacle Plus Level
above $20.83
above $249.99

Quad Level $50-$99.99

Johanna Hall-Rappolee ’14

Molly Smith ’15

Ridge Level $100-$199.99

Caroline Nicole Arthur ’16

Anna Morton ’16

Pinnacle Level $200-$249.99

Ismaila Ceesay ’12

Martina Jackson-Haynes ’11

Pinnacle Level $250+

Candis R. Arthur ’11
Eric R. Arthur ’11

Mikita Ann Weaver Esq. ’08