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The Mountaineer Club recognizes students and young alumni who have graduated within the last 10 years and give at least $50 between July 1, 2015, and June 30, 2016. Gifts through the Mountaineer Club help future Berea students receive the same educational opportunity you received! Around $5 a month is all it takes!


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Legacy Wall

Berea College’s Legacy Wall proudly displays the names of those now departed individuals who were generous enough to have either made a life income agreement with the College or included the College in their estate plans. These remarkable gifts help keep Berea College’s mission moving forward, as they are placed in the College’s endowment. There they generate the yearly support that helps provide the full-tuition scholarships enabling Berea students to receive a quality education. While most current students and even recent graduates have not yet prepared a Will or Trust, an easy way to support Berea through your estate plans is to name the College as one of the beneficiaries (along with your loved ones) of your 401(K) or retirement plan. With most employers’ plans, you can do this quickly and confidentially online. If you let us know that you’ve taken this step of ultimate support for Berea, we will gladly welcome you into the College’s Great Commitments Society.  Learn More

You are inspiring our students!

One way we are engaging the alumni of tomorrow is through a new gift club called Berea Patrons. Inspired by the support of alumni like you, students now have the opportunity to give back to Berea with a one-time gift or recurring gifts through every Labor Program pay check. Students are learning about Berea’s unique funding model and the importance of alumni giving. Being a Berea Patron is their way to show gratitude to the alumni and friends who have made it possible for them to be at Berea.

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Unlimited Opportunities



Students have unlimited opportunities to turn their educational dreams into reality thanks to the support of Mountaineer Club members. » Read More



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