The Mountaineer Club recognizes students and young alumni who have graduated within the last 10 years and give at least $50 between July 1 and June 30.

Help future Berea students receive the same educational opportunity you received!

Around $5 a month is all it takes!


Washington Monthly Ranks Berea No. 1 Twice !

The Washington Monthly ranked Berea College #1 in two major classifications, citing Berea as the nation’s top liberal arts college and ranking Berea as the Best Bang for the Buck Colleges in the South. 

Berea Patrons Edited

Student Philanthropy

Inspired by the support of alumni like you, students now have the opportunity to become a Berea Patron and give back to Berea with a one-time gift or recurring gifts through every Labor Program pay check.

travel pledge berea.

Travel Pledge

If you love to have fun, save and help Berea college, then you’re in luck. Choose from an exciting array of experiences at great values, including golf rounds, cruises, terrific vacations, golf lessons, and more.

Our Members

Giving Levels

Monthly Giving

One-Time Giving or Total Giving

Quad Level



Ridge Level



Pinnacle Level          


$200 and above

Quad Level $50-$99.99

Kris Anderson ’19
Ani Arakelyan ’21
Helina Asrat ’19
Dylan J. Angiolillo ‘21
Candis R. Arthur ‘11
Eric R. Arthur ‘11
Josiah Denver Creech ‘20
Kyle David Fosbenner ‘14
Dr. Megan Rodgers Good ‘10
Kenneth Patrick Johnson ’09
Yi Mon ’13
Rutendo V. Mwaramba ‘12

Jamie Beth Nunnery Oleka ‘13
Cory Payton ‘15
Clint Pinion ‘08
Samuel Mason Rosolina ‘10
Erin Leigh Finsel Rosolina ‘11
Becca Duley Scott ‘08
Jacob E. Scott ‘08
Darlene Morgan Smith Lytle ‘12
Mikita Ann Weaver ‘08
Mohammed Humed Yusuf ‘10

Ridge Level $100-$199.99

Ehis Akhetuamhen ‘11
Givenson Piard ‘08
Cpt. Evan Russell Robinson ‘08

Pinnacle Level $200 and above

Josh Frazier-Sparks ‘08
Sai Thiha ‘13