Mountain Folk Festival

Staff Biographies

Bob Dalsemer, Program Development  and Guest Teacher

With more than 35 years of calling experience, an easy going manner, and exceptional teaching skills, Bob Dalsemer is one of the country’s leading traditional dance callers. His repertoire of dances includes a wide range of American contras, squares, and circles as well as English and Danish dances.

Bob has called dances in more than 30 states, Canada, the Czech Republic, Britain, Beigium, Denmark. and Russia, His book West Virginia Square Dances (CDSS, 1982) was termed “a pioneer study” by the Sonneck Society Bulletin and as “one every serious caller/leader should have” by the late Ralph Page. Bob’s cassette/booklet compilations Smoke On the Water: Square Dance Classics and When The Work’s All Done: A Square Dance Party For Beginners and Old Hands have recently been made available again in CD/MP3 format:

Jennifer Rose, Director

Jennifer Rose grew up dancing in Berea, Kentucky and has been teaching dance in schools near Berea since 1986. She joined the Kentucky Arts Council, VSA Arts of Kentucky and the Kentucky Center Educational Showcase Rosters in the mid 1990’s, and is one of Kentucky’s most popular artist-educators.  Jennifer brings her experience as an internationally acclaimed musician and recording artist to the classroom, enriching students’ experience as she shares her arts with them.  Jennifer’s approach to dance involves both modern and folk styles and emphasizes group cooperation.  Jennifer has published two manuals for teaching dance in schools, each including a CD and instructional video for classroom use, and she is featured on KET’s Music and Dance resources for the classroom.  Her Professional Development seminars are very popular as well, and she often collaborates with her husband, Alfredo Escobar, on multi-disciplinary residencies and PD’s.

Theresa Lowder

Theresa Lowder has been the Director of the Berea Festival Dancers a Community Youth Folk Dance Troupe that has performed nationally and internationally, since 1988.  She is costume designer and seamstress, as well as artist director and travel leader.  The group performs dances from the Ante-bellum period and Appalachia, in addition to heritage dances from Denmark and England. She has served as president of the Berea Folk Dancers, an adult dance group, and of the Berea Folk Circle Association. She is on the International Sport and Culture Association Folk Festival and Exchanges Committee and coordinates the Danish American Exchange in Berea. Theresa received the 2008 Berea College Award for Service for her work with young dancers in the community.

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