Staff Biographies

Jennifer Escobar, Director

Jennifer Escobar grew up dancing in Berea, Kentucky and has been teaching dance in schools near Berea since 1986. She joined the Kentucky Arts Council, VSA Arts of Kentucky and the Kentucky Center Educational Showcase Rosters in the mid 1990’s, and is one of Kentucky’s most popular artist-educators.  Jennifer brings her experience as an internationally acclaimed musician and recording artist to the classroom, enriching students’ experience as she shares her arts with them.  Jennifer’s approach to dance involves both modern and folk styles and emphasizes group cooperation.  Jennifer has published two manuals for teaching dance in schools, each including a CD and instructional video for classroom use, and she is featured on KET’s Music and Dance resources for the classroom.  Her Professional Development seminars are very popular as well, and she often collaborates with her husband, Alfredo Escobar, on multi-disciplinary residencies and PD’s.