Mountain Folk Festival


2015 Mountain Folk Festival Dances:

  • Gisburn Processional
  • Sellenger’s Round (English)
  • Take A Dance (English Longways)
  • Lady Walpole’s Reel (American Contra)
  • Grand Square  (American square)
  • Circle Waltz (English)
  • Jump Josie  (Singing Game)
  • Glen Echo Promenade (Circle Mixer)
  • “The Waltz Swing”  (Kentucky Running Set figure )
  • Crested Hen (Danish Trio)
  • Trip to Lambertville (American contra)
  • Oliver’s Maggot  (English 3 couple)

Dance instructions and a CD of the music, plus an instructional DVD are available from the Berea College Dance Programs office at a cost of $35. Call Jennifer Escobar at 859-582-7014 or email her at

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