2017 Mountain Folk Festival Dances

2018 dances are being chosen. Our tradition is to include American square and contra dances, mixers, a play party game, English country dances, and a Danish folk dance. Let us know if you have favorites you would like included!

  1. Circle Mixer: Mortsel Circle (Waltz)
  2. English set: Rufty Tufty
  3. English: Well Hall
  4. English: Indian Queen
  5. Big Set: 5 c. set-running Blacksnake Twist
  6. Contra: Delphiniums and Daisies by Tanya Rotenberg
  7. Danish: Hamborg Sekstur
  8. Square: Texas Star
  9. Singing game: Old Brass Wagon
  10. English village dance: Cumberland Square Eight
  11. Song: May Day Carol

Special: to be done during the gala for those who know and taught on the video:

English Set: Nonesuch

Dance instructions, links to sound files of the music, plus a link to demonstration videos of all the dances are available from the Berea College Country Dance Programs office at a cost of $35. Contact or call at 859-985-3142 to order these instructional materials