Mountain Folk Festival


2016 Mountain Folk Festival Dances:

  1. Gisburn Processional (English)
  2. Sellenger’s Round (English)
  3. Hole In the Wall (English Longways)
  4. Little Black Dress (American contra)
  5. Forward Six and Back aka Right Hand High, Left Hand Low (American square)
  6. Duke of Kent’s Waltz (English)
  7. Turn the Glasses Over (Singing Game)
  8. Cabot School Mixer (Circle Mixer)
  9. Big Set: right hands across, eight hands over, four leaf clover, birdie in the cage, big basket
  10. Danish Double Quadrille (Danish)
  11. Petronella (American Contra)
  12. Black Nag (English 3 couple)

May Day Carol

Dance instructions, links to soundfiles of the music, plus a link to demonstration videos of all the dances are available from the Berea College Country Dance Programs office at a cost of $35. Contact or call at 859-985-3142 to order these instructional materials

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