2019 Mountain Folk Festival Dances

  1. Gisburn Processional
  2. Sellenger’s Round
  3. MFF 2018 Voted Favorite: Longways English: Female Saylor
  4. English village dance: La Russe (square)
  5. Mixer: Rory O’Moore mixer
  6. Singing Game: Sandy Land
  7. Singing square: Trail of the Lonesome Pine
  8. Contra 3-couple set: Ted’s Triplet #7
  9. Classic contra: Broken Sixpence
  10. Phil Jamison will teach and lead an Appalachian dance!
  11. Danish: Little Man in a Fix
  12. Optional more challenging dance: Rory O’Moore
  13. May Day Carol

Dance instructions, links to sound files of the music, plus a link to demonstration videos of all the dances available from the Berea College Country Dance Programs office at a cost of $35. Contact or call at 859-985-3142 to order these instructional materials.