Photography and Videography

Marketing & Communications’ photography and video office captures and produces still and moving images that support the promotion of Berea College to targeted external audiences, including prospective students and their parents, alumni, donors, media, visitors, business patrons of Boone Tavern, customers of Student Crafts and auxiliary businesses and other key stakeholders. we work exclusively with our marketing partners, i.e., admissions, development, administration, alumni relations, auxiliary businesses, and other marketing and communications offices.

If you need photography or videography for internal audiences or for academic purposes contact Information Systems and Services (campus ext. 3343).

Jay Buckner
Jay Buckner

What We Do

  • Photography for publication, primarily the Berea College Magazine and top-level pages of our website
  • Multimedia to support media relations efforts
  • Photography and videography related to our Great Commitments, key initiatives and the college’s communications plan
  • Stock photography and video of campus and activities
  • Faculty and Staff portraits during open studio hours (Summer 2015 – Wednesday & Thursday 1pm – 3pm)

Your Turn

Book a Photo Session
(for marketing partners only — password required)

Request Existing Photos

Suggest a Photo Project

Browse Stock Photography

Have a portrait made during Open Studio
Summer 2017 Open Studio Schedule is Mondays and Tuesday from 10 a.m. – noon.

What We Don’t Do

  • Photograph or video private or limited functions
  • Event photography (unless a part of the college’s communications plan)
  • Multimedia intended primarily for internal use
  • Photography or video without an expressed intended purpose that aligns with our communications plan

Studio Phone Number:  859-985-4140

Our studio and offices are located in the building behind College Square (across Short Street). Our address is 107 Jackson St.

Public parking is available in the lot adjacent to and east of the building.