Photography and Other Creative Images

Print or web-based projects designed by Marketing & Communications or Printing Services will use photographic images (or other images, such as infographics) owned by Berea College.

Projects designed by other entities affiliated with Berea College are strongly encouraged to use photographic images owned by Berea College (available from MC and/or Berea College Library Archives).

Photography not owned by Berea College is owned by an individual, organization or corporation unless it is identified as in the public domain. A photograph is intellectual property and the person who created it owns the copyright. As intellectual property, rights to use, profit from or modify a photograph are potentially complicated. At a minimum, written permission from the owner of the image and/or payment of royalties is required prior to the use of photographic images or other creative images. Photographs found on the Internet or social media generally are not “free” and their use is prohibited without the permission referenced previously.