Logo Display

The logo is a graphical element that includes the combination of the Berea College typeface, full name of the institution and the College motto, “God has made of one blood all peoples of the earth” (Acts 17:26). Whenever possible, it is recommended that the full logo be used rather than elements of the logo.

Proper Use of the Berea College Logo

Every application of the Berea College brand identity should strengthen and reinforce the College’s image. The Berea College logo should be used with care and with the highest quality standards possible.

Use only Berea College-approved artwork. The brand elements in all their forms are exclusive property of Berea College. There are three approved formats for the Berea College logo (shown below).

Primary Logo Example
Primary "Circular" Version
Secondary Logo Example
Secondary "Stacked" Version
Secondary Horizontal Logo Example
Secondary "Horizontal" Version

The stacked and horizontal versions of the logo should be used sparingly, primarily in cases where size and space restrictions prohibit the use of the primary circular logo format.

Logo/Wordmark Typography

The Berea College logo’s word mark is set in a customized version of Jenson, combined by its original designer from Jenson Classico and Adobe Jenson Pro. Berea reserves the use of this customized version of Jenson for the Berea College logotype and official or special Berea College documents only, lending its unique, classical style more strongly to the College’s brand.

Logo “Level” System

Any logo intended to represent Berea College is the property of the College and must adhere to all guidelines here and elsewhere in the official Brand & Graphics Standards Manual. The three-level system addresses current logos and logos that will need to be revised or created in the future. Please refer to the guidelines below for proper user at all levels.

Contact the Office of Marketing & Communications to initiate design of any and all logos. Creation of new or altered logos is prohibited without written permission from the Associate Vice President for Marketing & Communications.

Level One

Level One brand symbols are the strongest visible symbols of the College. They are strong enough to identify Berea in the marketplace by themselves. These logos can be used non-commercially by anyone at the college.

Level One Examples
Level One examples

Level Two

Level Two logos pair the words “Berea College” with a department or functional unit name in a graphic format. The importance of this approach is to provide a valuable navigation tool on the Berea College website and build unity across all College units. The unit name must be set in the typeface Open Sans, below the College name, which is to be set in Jenson Classico (examples below). These logos are created exclusively by Marketing & Communications and/or Printing Services. The services of these campus units are available upon request.

Level Two Examples
Level Two examples

Level Three

Level Three marks represent a broad group of diverse sub-brand organizations such as alumni groups, funded student clubs and organizations, or for special projects and externally-facing programs.

Level Three logos preferably use Level One logos (brand symbols), brand typefaces and the designated “Berea Blue” color in their design. If the design does not incorporate a brand symbol, then the words “Berea College” are required as part of the mark (see Level Three example, right). If, because of an agreement with other institutions, Berea College is not part of the group’s official name, the words “Berea College” need to be used as part of the logo’s design when appearing in Berea College promotional, communications or event materials.

Continued use of logos and marks created prior to April 2015 is generally permitted. Any exceptions will be identified and evaluated by the AVP for Marketing & Communications and/or a higher authority.

New Level Three logos require the approval of the AVP for Marketing & Communications. The AVP will consult with senior graphic designers in evaluating proposals.

Level Three Example
Level Three example

Obsolete Logos and Graphics

Berea College has retired all former symbols or graphic marks that represented the College prior to the version of the logo presented in this Brand & Graphics Standards Manual. As consistency and clarity are vital to maintaining the Berea College brand, the following graphics/logos should no longer be used to represent the College. An exception has been made for pre-existing “permanent” applications such as bronze plaques, architectural features, sesquicentennial merchandise, etc.

Obsolete Logo
Obsolete Logo 2
Obsolete Logo 5
Obsolete Logo 3
Obsolete Logo 6

Alternate Logo

Berea College’s brand retains a version of an interlocking logotype originally used for broader College applications. However, this version of the logo should currently be used in a limited manner, for Berea College Athletics and athletic merchandise, as well as in cases where the official Berea College logo cannot be applied at a scale of at least 3/4 of an inch.

Alternate Logo
Alternate Logo


It is important that the logo is not crowded or boxed in by text or other elements, such as photographs. Allow sufficient spacing around all four sides of the logo graphic so the identity is clear and legible. In design terms, this is referred to as “clear space.” Examples below provide guidelines for specific spacing and margins.

Standard clear area 1 inch
For standard applications, allow 1/8" of clear space per 1" of horizontal logo space. (1" ÷ 8 = 0.125")
Standard Minimum Clear Area 2 inches
If you are printing a logo 2" wide, the required clear space would be 2" ÷ 8 = 0.25" or 1/4"
Clear Area for Curve
Example for special applications where graphic follows the curve of the logo

Logo Scale Recommendations

Suggested logo size for most print and web publications is between 1″2 and 2″2 square. At a minimum, the logo must be printed at least 3/4″ square.

Decorative Elements

Decorate elements or “graphics” are available for inclusion in graphic design projects, office applications or signage. Please contact Marketing & Communications for access to these graphics and for the standards under which these graphics can be applied.


The Berea College logo is often seen paired with a “ribbon” design. This ribbon element is not an official component of the logo but serves most often to provide a clean and clear canvas for the logo to reside in a larger design. It is frequently used to overlay background photography.

Berea College logo on Berea Blue ribbon