Frequently Asked Questions

There are multiple purposes for these standards. First, they are meant to illustrate and explain the correct ways to use the Berea College name, logos and brand elements. These standards give the specific information needed for the majority of uses of the College’s logo and brand elements. Second, protecting them from misuse or improper use is important for legal and public relations reasons. Third, improper usage ultimately weakens Berea College brand. Fourth, correct usage of the College name, logo and brand elements helps increase awareness of Berea College and its activities.

The rules are mandatory. An organization’s logo and brand elements are viable only when used correctly. It doesn’t matter whether it is a for-profit company (e.g., Coca-Cola, Toyota or McDonald’s) or a non-profit organization or government agency (e.g., the Red Cross, United Nations or the U.S. Department of Agriculture) – all have very specific rules for using their logos and protecting their brands in very specific ways. Berea College does, too.

No. The Berea College logo and brand elements will only remain viable if they are used correctly. Improper usage weakens them and, consequently, weakens the College’s identity.

Follow the instructions in the Brand & Graphics Standards Manual and always download the original files available on the Marketing & Communications website. If you have any questions, please contact the Berea College Office of Marketing & Communications.

Contact Berea College’s Office of Marketing & Communications at or 859-985-3018.