Do’s and Don’ts

Using the official Berea College logo consistently will help perpetuate a sense of familiarity and respect for the Berea College identity. Please. follow the guidelines below.


  • Use the official logo in approved Berea Blue whenever possible.
  • For stationery and typical correspondence, print the logo on the preferred white stock (bright white, not ivory or “natural” backgrounds). Any exceptions must be reviewed and approved by Marketing & Communications or Printing Services.
  • Maintain clear space around the logo.
  • Include the logo in all off-campus communications for any department, program, center or club.
  • Consult the Brand & Graphics Standards Manual when unsure of proper logo usage.
  • If you cannot find the answer to your question in this Brand & Graphics Standards Manual, contact Marketing & Communications at 859-985-3018.
  • Think about your reader or viewer when applying the official logo. For example, a blue logo on a black background will be difficult to read.
  • Use the logo at a comfortable size. Resist the temptation to fill an entire space with the logo.
  • Exercise the option to use an approved, alternate logo for small applications, athletics and merchandise.


Altered Color
Don't alter the color of the logo.
Stretch or distorted
Don't stretch or distort the proportions of the logo.
Drop shadow
Don't add a drop shadow to the logo.
Motto by itself
Don't use the motto by itself.
Altered color motto
Don't alter the color of the motto.
Relationship of word mark to motto
Don't alter the relationship of the word mark to the motto.
Don't recreate the logo. Digital files are available.
Don't rotate the logo.
Printed on pattern
Don't print the logo on patterned paper.
Special effects
Don't apply any special, graphic effects to the logo.
Don't outline the logo.
Recreated motto
Don't recreate the motto.