College Seal Policy

The Berea College Seal is reserved for official documents and selected uses approved by the President’s Office. The official Berea College Seal is distinct from the official Berea College logo. The college logo should serve as the predominant mark on any form of day-to-day college communications with internal and external audiences.

College Seal
The Official College Seal

The intent of this policy is to preserve the use of the Berea College Seal as a distinct and dignified mark reserved for formal representation of the college.

Official documents that utilize the seal may include diplomas and graduation collateral (e.g. invitations, etc.), transcripts, legal documents, contracts and official reports such as the Berea College Strategic Plan.

At the discretion of the President’s Office, the Seal may also appear on products sold by the Berea College Visitor Center & Shoppe, the Berea College Bookstore or their affiliates. Examples of products include items such as cufflinks, lapel pins, plaques, etc.

These items may not:

  • conflict with existing College policy or codes of conduct.
  • promote the use of regulated goods and services (e.g. alcohol, gambling, etc.).
  • include weaponry.

The Berea College Seal may not appear on:

  • household items (e.g. cleaning implements, appliances, etc.).
  • consumable items of any kind (e.g. packaging, food items, beverages etc.).
  • In addition, the Berea College Seal may not appear on or be included as a part of any toy or game item (e.g. playing cards, balls, etc.).

The President’s Office may, at its discretion, veto the production or sale of any item utilizing the Berea College Seal. Items produced without approval of the President’s Office must be discarded at the expense of the department, program or individual responsible. Please consult with the Associate Vice President for Marketing & Communication before beginning production of any item utilizing the Berea College Seal.