About Web Communications

Our Mission

Our mission is to run a website that is a compelling front porch for Berea College.

Some of the Details

  • We manage a secure and functional web content management system (WCMS). The current WCMS contains 114 subsites and about 4,600 pages.
  • Most of our subsites have web content managers. We offer training, documentation and direct consultation to our web content managers.
  • We ensure the college brand is consistently applied and maintained throughout all subsites and that branding styles and elements are appropriately used wherever the college is represented on the Internet.

Bigger Tasks

  • We are hard at work to make Berea.edu 2016 accessible to visitors with disabilities. Our goal is to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level “AA.”
  • We are bulking up Berea.edu’s appeal to search engines – SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is long-term task that includes using key words and phrases, keeping a fine eye on the “analytic” performance of our landing pages and performing “tweaks” as necessary.
  • We are measuring our “readability levels” on key landing pages in Berea.edu. Where necessary, we are simplifying text in accordance with best practices for web text.