Impact of the Community-Oriented Research

  • cwwg60 Million Allocated for Investigation of Alternative Technologies
  • Alternative Selected

The US Army decided to seriously consider options to incineration for the disposal of the chemical weapons stored at BGAD. The Army has now withdrawn their permit for incineration, and have allocated $40 million dollars to investigation of alternative technologies. Chemical weapons incinerators have already been constructed at Johnson Atoll Island in the Pacific Ocean and in Toelle, Utah. If it had not been for the work of the KEF, it is unlikely that alternative technologies would have been seriously considered for the BGAD site.

The research team is in no way claiming responsibility for these results of activism. The topics of the researches have been chosen to address questions brought about by the KEF investigations, and in each case the research team were able to provide unbiased answers to these questions. The research team has also been able to provide advice to the KEF on particular technical issues such as reasons to consider alternative technologies, and the identification of questionable underlying modeling assumptions used by the Army.