Alumni Lecture by Dr. Jack Hale

On Stability and Instability

Jack Hale graduated from Berea College in 1949 to become an internationally known applied mathematician. His publications include eight books and more than 150 journal articles. On November 17, 2000, we were treated to a very special event when Dr. Jack Hale presented the Alumni Lecture on Stability and Instability.

Abstract of His Talk

Intended to be accessible to a sophomore-level audience, Jack Hale’s presentation was intended to introduce the students in the audience to the study of differential equations. His presentation included a short motivation for the study of differential equations, the qualitative approach for scalar equations, and some surprises in numerical calculation.

Jack Hale speaking to Berea students following the lecture

Facts about Jack Hale

  • Born October 3, 1928 in Eastern Kentucky
  • BA, Mathematics, Berea College, 1949
    M.Sc., Mathematics, Purdue University, 1951
    Ph.D., Mathematics, Purdue University, 1953
  • Professor of Applied Mathematics at Brown for 24 years
  • Regents Professor and Co-founder of the Center for Dynamical Systems and Nonlinear Studies at Georgia Tech
  • Leisure Interests: Reading, hiking, sports, and travel