Profiles of Careers in Mathematics

In the following essays collected by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA), authors describe their backgrounds and how these backgrounds prepared them for a wide variety of careers.

Actuarial Careers

Biostatistical and Medical Careers

  • Michael H. Kutner, Chairman, Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
  • Mike Lieber, Biostatistician, Cleveland Clinic Foundation
  • Ellen Lentz, Biostatistician, Hoffmann La Roche Laboratories Inc.
  • Arthur P. Staddon, Clinical Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine

Educational Careers

Engineering Careers

Environmental Careers

  • Allison DeLong, Marine Associate, University of Rhode Island
  • Holly Gaff, Graduate Research Associate, University of Tennessee
  • Kay Strain King, Senior Environmental Mathematician, Theta Engineering
  • Jerry W. Highfill, Mathematical Statistician, United States Environmental Protection Laboratory
  • Sue E. Waldman, Mathematician, Columbia Plateau Conservation Research Center US Department of Agriculture

Economic and Financial Careers

Law Careers

Operations Research and Systems Science Careers

Research and Development Careers

Statistical Careers

Other Mathematical Careers