Majoring in Mathematics or Mathematics Education

Mathematics is both a tool for solving practical problems as well as a very creative field of study, combining logic and precision with intuition and imagination. The basic goal of mathematics is to reveal and explain patterns—whether the pattern appears as the growth a population of animals, electrical impulses in a computer, fluctuations in stock market prices, or as intricate detail of an abstract geometric figure.

Each application to the Mathematics Major or Mathematics Education Major is considered individually and is approved or rejected based upon departmental discussion of the applicant’s potential to satisfactorily complete the major. For this reason, students interested in pursuing either major should begin taking Mathematics courses as early as possible.

Students desiring a degree in Mathematics Education must be accepted as a Mathematics Major and also be accepted into the Education Program. Students considering a major in Mathematics Education should contact by email or phone 859-985-3574 and enroll in EDS 200 as soon as possible.