Awards, Honors, & Clubs

Departmental Awards

Ballard-McConnell-Willis Mathematics Scholarship

Each year, the Ballard-McConnell-Willis Mathematics Scholarship is awarded to one senior, one junior, and one sophomore mathematics major at Berea College. Discover more information about this prestigious and significant award.

Berea College Mathematics Labor Awards

Two Berea College Mathematics Labor Awards are given each year for excellence in the departmental Labor Program.

Berea College Pugsley Freshman Mathematics Award

This award, established in memory of Donald W. Pugsley, who was a Professor of Mathematics at Berea College, is given to freshmen for excellence in mathematics.

Berea College Senior Mathematics and Bishop C. Spangler Award

These awards are given to senior mathematics majors for excellence in mathematics. The Bishop C. Spangler Award was established to honor Bishop C. Spangler.

Disciplinary Honorary Societies and Clubs