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Ryan Joiner
Ryan Joiner
Residence Life Coordinator | Intramurals Activities Coordinator
Ryan Joiner
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Fairchild | Elizabeth Rogers | Alumni 201

My name is Ryan Dewayne Joiner. I am currently 23 years old, and my birthday is on September 28, 1999. I am an African American male. I was born in New Jersey, but I was raised in Birmingham, Alabama. I have approximately 27 siblings. These siblings are related to me either through marriage or blood. Despite that, I only live with two of those siblings which are both males. One of these brothers include my younger brother who is exactly one year younger than me as we both was born on the same day. The other one is my older brother who is currently 29 years old. Some of my hobbies include sports, music, and walking/running. My favorite sport is Basketball. As for music, I have no clear favorite genre of music, but I tend to stay away from country music. I graduated from Berea in 2022. As an alum, I am so proud to call myself a Berean. I would not have become the person I am without this institution. I have no clear path about my future right now, but I am pretty sure that it will involve being a part of the college experience. I hope that I can in some way help guide the future leaders to be their very best selves. I also enjoy hanging with my friends and doing great group activities like hiking, bowling, or skating. Since I was an English major, I love to read books. So any book that someone suggests to me I try read. Therefore, please feel free to suggest anything that sounds interesting. Finally, I am also interested in cooking, but I do not have those necessary skills to try. So if are any cooking tips that I need please feel free to let me know.

  • B.A. in English