Workplace Expectations

The Workplace Expectations were adopted by the Administrative Committee in 1998 as a means of articulating common expectations for work and learning at Berea College. Faculty, staff and students comprise one workforce at Berea, and all are charged with upholding these guiding principles:

I. EXHIBIT ENTHUSIASM FOR LEARNING: Striving to learn and to grow both intellectually and personally so everyone is a learner, and  everyone is a mentor.

II. ACT WITH INTEGRITY AND CARING: Exhibiting honesty, trustworthiness, and compassion in one’s work and relationships.

III. VALUE ALL PEOPLE: Working to create an inclusive and respectful workplace that models the Great Commitments and seeks to find the best in all people.

IV. WORK AS A TEAM: Developing collaborative and team oriented abilities that will create a community of mutual respect, common vision, and shared accomplishments.

V. SERVE OTHERS: Nurturing a climate of excellence in service that is responsive to others’ needs.

VI. ENCOURAGE PLAIN AND SUSTAINABLE LIVING: Promoting a sustainable way of life through policies, procedures and practices in the workplace.

VII. CELEBRATE WORK WELL DONE: Striving for excellence in all aspects of work and celebrating individual and collective accomplishments.