Work Attire Requests

Do you need workboots for your labor position on the farm? Pants that can stand up to grounds work? Shirts professional enough for a front-facing position?

Per established policy in the Labor Program Tools handbook, the Labor Program office supports establishment of dress codes;  however, we also recognize that not all students come to campus with work-appropriate clothing and that buying it can be expensive.

If a student does not have appropriate work attire that is required for their labor position, they can submit a request for the clothing items in one of two ways: by talking to their supervisor to see if there are departmental funds or by reaching out to the Labor Program office directly.

Students should first ask their supervisor to see if there is already money set aside for student work attire purchases. If the student’s department does not have a budget line for student work attire already, the Labor Program has funds set aside for this purpose, and the supervisor can use these funds to purchase and distribute the items to students.

If a student does not feel comfortable asking their supervisor, they can reach out to the Labor Program office directly and we will work to make sure their work attire needs are met.

If you are a student or supervisor who needs to submit a required work attire funding request or if you have further questions, please email us at labor_program (at) berea (dot) edu with your department and the necessary items.

Dress attire funding FAQ

What items are available through this funding request?

Any dress attire that is necessary for performing functions of a job. This can be clothing specifically made for outdoor, manual labor, like work boots, chaps, gloves or sturdy pants, or it could be a button-up and slacks for a professional, customer-facing position.

I don’t have a planner / professional pen / note cards / other office supplies. Can I request them through this fund?

At the moment, this fund is only for dress attire. Office supplies and any other supplies necessary to complete your job should be provided at your workplace. If you are expected to pay for office supplies or other items out of your own funds, please contact the Labor Program office so we can address the issue.

How will the requests be fulfilled?

Supervisors with purchasing cards will buy the requested items and submit receipts for reimbursement through Chrome River. This fund does not allow students to go out and buy items with their personal funds and submit receipts for reimbursement through the college. Students will not be given cash to buy work-required dress attire.

Why aren’t students automatically provided with these items?

Departments have a diverse variety of approaches for handling their students’ needs. For example, here at the Labor Program Office we order polo shirts every fall for incoming student staff. However, as we’re a small office that’s able to reach out to students directly, this is manageable – that’s not the case for every department.  In instances where a student’s wardrobe is already work appropriate, automatically providing unnecessary items would be a waste of resources. In the future, if the needs of departments and students shift, the allocation and distribution of the funds may change as well.

What do I have to do to qualify for the funds?

These funds aren’t an award or prize. If you’re a student with a need for appropriate work attire required for your labor position, you qualify. Reach out to your supervisor or the Labor Program office so we can make sure your needs are met.