Student Job Descriptions

Welcome to the Student Job Description page, where you will find the necessary tools and forms for constructing  a well written job description. You can also take a look at all of the positions available on campus based on labor department.  All student work positions are required to have an updated job description on file with the Labor Program Office.


Students work in over 100 labor departments, each of which is supervised by at least one faculty member or professional staff person selected by the department head.  Additionally, most departments have labor mentors, individuals who are not directly charged with supervisory responsibilities, but who actively participate in student training and development.  Many departments also have students serving in supervisory / leadership roles.  The Dean of Labor provides general oversight for all work areas to ensure consistency of administration, training and assessment, but departments vary widely in the nature of work performed, method of supervision, degree of autonomy, etc.  Students are encouraged to experience a variety of work environments to maximize their learning opportunities and expose themselves to different work styles.

Creating a Job Description

There are two main templates for you to use.  The single WLS form is used when creating a job description for only one WLS level.  In contrast, the multi WLS form is used when combining two WLS levels on the same form.  No forms can be used to combine three or more WLS levels.

Submit completed Job Descriptions to David Slinker in the Labor Program Office as an electronic file.   After review, you will be notified if additional information is needed or if it has been approved.  If this is for a newly created position, submit the form without a position code and that will be generated and inserted into the form by Student Payroll.

Job Description Templates:

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