Spring Vacancies 2022

  • 4 Primary Positions – Associate
    • Join the team at the only organic eatery on campus. Learn to cook with organic veggies and proteins raised on the college farm. Stock our shelves with organic vegetables and groceries. Duties determined by schedule. Mornings we spend getting ready for our daily lunch offering soup, sandwiches, and hot lunch. Afternoons are spent cleaning up and preparing for the next day. Duties can be in the back of the house in the bakery, butchery, kitchen, or the front of house. Students run the registers, stock shelves, prepare salads, run lunch, clean bathrooms, sweep and mop, etc.
  • 1 Primary for Accounting Student
    • Accounting Student:
      Manage Farm Store Accounting
      Primary contact w Lincoln Hall
      Manage Lightspeed Point of Sale System and Reports
      Manage inventory, purchase orders
      Continue building SOP/support Articles for better continuity between student accountants
      12-15 hours : Prefer 2-3 hours daily

Please email Tammy Cornett or call 859-985-3685 for more information.

  • 1 Primary – Wellness Associate

Please email Jill Gurtatowski or call 859-985-3968 for more information.

  • 7 Primary Positions –
    • Skills Required – Must truly enjoy being with children. Have patience, kindness, empathy and strong work ethic. Must be reliable, willing to learn and implement what you learn.
    • Job Duties – Work with children in classrooms, help implement activities, make lasting connections with children. May also work some in the dining room providing food to children.

Please email Tammy Carter or call 859-985-3620 for more information

  • 2 Primary Positions

Please email Julianna O’Brien or call (859)985-3108 for more information.

  • 1 Primary Position
    • Skills Required – Responsible for Campus Master keys, report writing, research and organization skills, use of bar code scanning devices and computer skills. I request a male candidate for this open position. I am loosing my only male employee to graduation this December and we need to have someone who can go into male residence halls to conduct inspections.
    • Job Duties – EHS Technician
      Fire Safety and Laboratory system safety inspections across campus. Job safety analysis and work place safety audits and environmental compliance. Job may require contact with chemicals and use of PPE.

Please email Leslie Kaylor or call 859-985-3350 for more information.

1 Secondary Position

  • Skills – Basic familiarity with DSLR cameras. Some experience in video editing. Willingness to learn industry standards and software. Understanding of appropriate handling of equipment. Comfortable engaging with a diverse audience. Comfortable being on camera preferred.
  • Job Duties – Works independently on video production projects
    Performs skilled videography. Video post-production, including editing, occasional sound sweetening, and graphics production. Coordinating with labor supervisor to incorporate feedback. Preps gear for use and maintains video and photo equipment and supplies. Begins to learn intermediate to advanced photography and videography techniques. Shoots video and photo assignments under direction of labor supervisor. Processes videos and photos in the Admissions Box folder, applying metadata in the forms including keywords and descriptions. Makes sure work areas and environment are clean, organized, and well stocked. May be responsible for collaborative cleaning efforts within Admissions. Responsible for timely processing of production related paperwork. Assist the Marketing Content team in planning video and photography projects. Performs other job-related duties as assigned/needed.

Please email Laura Martin or call 859-699-2543 for more information.

2 Primary TA Positions

  • Skills – Must have taken and passed HHP/HLT courses (or be in a program where these classes will not be taken); swimmers preferred. NOTE: preference will be given to HHP/HLT majors.
  • Please email Laura Magner or call 859-985-3431 for more information.

1 Primary Position

  • Costumer to Country Dancers
  • Please contact Joe Wilkie for job requirements/skills and duties

1 Primary Position

  • Skills –
    • Ability to work outside in all weather
    • Willingness to learn and take on challenges
    • Ability to smile and laugh.
  • Job Duties –
    • Work with plants
    • Watering and weeding
    • Some snow removal
    • Mulching and pruning
    • Other general grounds maintenance.

Please email Rosemarie Adams or call 859-985-6559 for more information.

1 Primary Position

  • Skills –
    • Social skills
    • Organizational skills
    • High level writing skills.
  • Job Duties –
    • Interview students
    • Write stories
    • Maintain Box files.

Please email Jason Miller or call 859-985-3021

1 Primary Position

  • Skills
    • organization
    • customer service
    • discretion in dealing with the public and college matters.
  • Job Duties
    • Greet guests
    • assist with traffic flow
    • mail run
    • compiling information for the Berea College Magazine
    • help maintain office cleanliness.

Email JoJo Wray or call 859-985-4122 for more information

6 Primary Positions

  • Skills – Communications. Organization. Excellent work ethic. Ability to talk to strangers. Ability to take initiative.
  • Job Duties – These are mostly sales floor positions. Customer service, stocking the sales floor. Running the cash register. We lost 5 students this semester and we are losing one in the Spring – for a total of 6 positions open.

Please email Susan Buckmaster or call 859-985-3193 for more information.

2 Primary Positions

Please email Farrah Stamper or call 859-985-3033 for more information.

1 Primary Position

  • Skills Required –
    • Typing experience
    • Attention to detail
    • Punctual
    • Team player
    • Enjoys working in a quiet environment
  • Job Duties –
    • Using the Dewey Decimal system to assign call numbers to books and media items
    • Create and update BANC records to reflect holdings
    • Print labels using a Brother EM 530 electric typewriter
    • Process books and media items
    • Repair worn and abused items
    • Withdraw outdated and unhelpful materials
    • OCLC and WorldCat searching for MARC records
    • Work Schedule: Students are eligible to work the following times: 8am-12pm, 1pm-5pm.

Please email Mary Beth Bonet or call 859-985-0650 for more information.

2 Primary Positions Available

Skills Required:
A. Must be able to adapt easily to change
B. Be punctual and responsible
C. Must maintain high levels of confidentiality in and outside of workplace
D. Must have effective communication skills
E. Attention to detail and strong organizational skills
F. Proficient with Microsoft Word and Excel
G. Possess basic phone etiquette
H. Be a good team player

Job Duties:
A. Greet students and families visiting the Student Financial Aid Services Office
B. Direct students to appropriate counselor
C. Answer the phone and direct calls as needed
D. Reply to emails sent to Financial Aid inbox in a timely and professional manner
E. Check mailbox and distribute mail to counselors
F. Must scan and file documents to NOLIJ and filing cabinets
G. General cleaning duties
H. Other duties as assigned

For more information, email Danielle Robbins or call 859-985-3315

4 Primary Positions Available


  • No previous Craft Experience Required- just a desire to learn to make specific crafts in the Berea College tradition and meet production standards.
  • A desire to be a part of a team that provides Community Service to Appalachian Underserved (in the Arts) schools and communities
  • A desire to learn to make crafts and share your knowledge with visitors to VCS/Log House and participants in craft workshops
  • Desire and willingness to engage visitors and tell the history of Berea College and Student Crafts while demonstrating how we make our crafts
  • Ability to provide High Touch Customer Engagement providing a total experience for visitors and participants in craft workshops throughout your shift.
  • Ability to be self-reliant and work independently and perform work well done
  • Must be able to lift 25lbs

Job Duties:

  • In general, students need to be comfortable engaging with visitors on how we make crafts and telling our story throughout the work period. Also, be able to work with k-12 students in craft workshops virtually or face to face. Experience in “making” is a bonus but not required. Candidates will be taught each craft and how to engage with the public. Our Mission is: To inspire a generation to be creative through exposure to traditional craft media and exploration of their connection to the Appalachian tradition of MAKING.

CEOP is a Service Position to provide Craft Workshops to underserved communities and schools in Appalachia and engage visitors in our retail stores by demonstrating making crafts and telling the Berea College Story.

  • Learn to make, teach and demonstrate a Berea College Craft
  • Engage visitors to our retail stores
  • Assist and teach craft workshops to K to Adult virtually and face to face
  • Maintain craft equipment, supplies, retail studios, and Craft Education Center Classroom
  • Maintain high energy and focus while at work
  • Follow all Safety, COVID, College, Retail Store, and CEOP Policies at all times

Application Available

Please email Steve Davis-Rosenbaum or call 859-985-3962 for more information


3 Primary Positions

Job Duties: House Keeping

Please email Kim Bullens or call 859-314-7394

4 Primary Positions

Job Duties: House Keeping

Please email Glenda Willis or call 859-314-0616

Primary 10 hour contract

Job Title: Program Associate, WLS 3

Please contact Kat Moses for more information.

2 10-hour primary positions available

Please contact Cheryl Hinkle for more information.