Off Campus Summer Labor Experience

The Labor Program office is excited to offer a summer opportunity for students seeking employment over the summer, particularly for students who plan to return home.


The Off Campus Summer Labor Experience (OCSL) is a program facilitated by the Labor Program office that allows students to partner with a nonprofit and be paid for their time through the Labor Program payroll. Students are paid break rates (currently $9.50, untaxed) and can work a minimum of 10 hours a week and maximum 40 hours a week at their partnered nonprofit. This is not an internship and you will not receive class credit or a stipend, only the hourly wage for your work. 


Anywhere! While the Labor Program can put students in contact with already-interested nonprofits in our area, students are able to work with any nonprofit as long as it’s federally recognized (licensed 501(c)(3) ), agrees to participate in our program and is reasonably accessible to the college, as a college staff member will have to visit the site at least once during your summer experience. While this program is designed for students intending to return home, this does not mean they are limited to their hometown. Just keep in mind that the Labor Program does not arrange or approve living accommodations.


Over the years, we’ve realized that there’s a considerable number of students who want to return home over the summer and work, but may not have options available in their hometown that relate to their major, their interests, or their professional development. The OCSLE provides students who plan to return home a chance to provide valuable service to a nonprofit, gain relevant skills and experience, and be fairly compensated for their time. While COVID has prevented us from running the program the past two years, we’re excited to get it off the ground again!


All Berea College students in good standing who will be returning for at least one more semester after the summer are eligible. Students with any probations (academic or labor) will not be eligible. Students must be FWS qualified.


Click below to fill out an interest form for the program. After submitting, you will be contacted by a member of the Labor Program office to confirm information and schedule a one-on-one meeting to confirm eligibility and interest. After the meeting, you will receive an application form that requires:

  • 2 letters of recommendations
  • Short essay on why you want to participate in the OCSL program
  • The institution you are considering working for

I have more questions.

Email us directly at training (at) berea (dot) edu and we’ll be happy to help!